Some people's avatars are plain ridiculous.

| Sunday, October 4, 2009

Talk about cravings. And all I'm doing is reading music discussions on a site. There was no warning, no warning.

(I hotlinked all these avatar images. Sorry if that's a problem.)

I love the detail in this shot. You can see how fresh the syrup is, and I can almost smell the tang of the raspberries.
Raspberry waffles

Are you serious? These brownies, I would stab all three with a single fork and NOM.

Is this chocolate milk? Yeah, I'd need this to wash down the waffles and brownies.
I don't even know

I don't even know what this is, either. But I would eat the heck out of it.

Fries are always good. The topping looks like thousand island dressing and mustard, but it doesn't matter--a little salt after all this sweetness would be fresh.

Yes please.

Mmm, how pretty and dainty! I do love chocolate.
Chocolate cake

A very simple and elegant avatar, great shot of this cherry tomato. I love fresh tomatoes.

I don't care that this is supposed to be witty--I like pie crust, a lot, and I like what's inside of it too. With neither a laugh nor smile I would pluck that thick pi symbol out of the top crust and enjoy it before digging into the rest.
pi pie

Mmmm, more waffles. Shaped like hearts, no less! How cute! Is that supposed to be dipping sauce? Maybe not, it looks like strawberry yogurt. I would still try dipping them though. I love how homecooked and real this photo is.
heart waffles

Uh, bacon. This would be a no-brainer.


Jahzara said...

I think the mystery food is a cookie dough filled crepe.

It might also be this russian thing that's a hardened waffle rolled up with a filling. In this case, cookie dough. xD

ND said...

Ooo, good ideas. I should look up how to make it, whatever it is... maybe we could attempt it when I get back for Thanksgiving >.>