Sore and excited

| Friday, August 17, 2012

I saw Jesca Hoop last night. It was awesome. I found her on a torrent site years ago and pirated all her music, but when I caught sight of her name on a sign walking down Alberta Street in Portland, I got giddy and wrote the info down and promptly bought 2 tickets when I got home. $10 each. I managed to find someone to drag along that enjoyed it. It was a small sit down show, but it was lovely. Her voice and her music. The second song she played was Whispering Light, which gave me goosebumps the entire time. I don't understand why more people weren't there! I even got to meet her in person after the show. I was real shy, too shy. I said the same things any fan would say, and got an autograph on my $15 CD of Hunting My Dress, my favorite (? they're all good) album from her. See, I can do these things now to support the music I love. I have a job in a city!

I don't really feel like doing a bunch of bad writing just to be able to say I posted on my blog again, so I'm going to make a list of concerts I have been to in Portland so far this summer:

  • Phantogram, at the Wonder Ballroom
  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, at the Doug Fir
  • Jesca Hoop, at the Alberta Rose Theatre

  • Why? at the Wonder Ballroom
  • Nite Jewel at Holoscene
  • Tycho at the Doug Fir

and lots more. Lots and lots.
Shit's gonna be SO cash.

I have not been getting enough sleep. Blame the big heat, blame being in Portland with so much cool stuff to do, blame having a challenging M-F 9-5 desk job like an adult, blame the wonderful people I get to spend time with sometimes. I am sleepy and dehydrated and thankful. Time to narcolepsy in my bed instead of computer chairs.