| Sunday, July 25, 2010

I need to clear off my tabs in Chrome. These have been open for a few days, to remind myself of these projects I want to do (since simply bookmarking them will put them out of sight & out of mind--not what I want!) but at some point, I do need to clear out my tabs and close Chrome and shut down my computer. I haven't done that in a few weeks. My poor lappy.

After my other projects (some more important than others) like cleaning my room, clearing extraneous data off my HD (or buying this... someday), doing homework, and starting/doing some sort of programming project this summer--I want to do some nice cooking. "After" is a bad word to use there though. More likely "during". Cleaning my room is like 10 projects in one, anyway. I am terribly backed up on stuff I want to do/need to get done. Summer's going pretty quickly! But anyway, the cooking (images © other people):


I made some makeshift granola a couple times already, with Grape Nuts, oats, raisins, peanut butter, and a drizzle of honey. The E-How article is a good base for actually baking some sometime, for that nice crisp that granola's usually supposed to have. Probably in my toaster oven! Easy peasy. As long as I don't burn it, it should be delish. Think oatmeal raisin cookies, but not in cookie form and crispier. I'm too lazy to actually bake cookies. I don't even know if I have the right tools for that.

Corn Potage.

I was describing how delicious potage is to someone and decided to google it quick to show a picture, not that it looks like a whole lot, just a plain creamy soup. It tastes really simple too. In a good way. There's pumpkin potage, and corn potage--I love both, maybe pumpkin more since I've had it less often so maybe it's more of an interesting treat. Or maybe because it's sweeter. I don't know. But this is corn potage and I figure it's easier to find/deal with corn anyway. This recipe is dirt simple. I got a can of creamed corn the other day. I wish I had a blender because I do love a smooth texture, but we'll try this chunky--I'm sure it'll still be alright.

Now that I can close these tabs... I need to write a few papers and study for a physics test happening tomorrow. ay caramba

Did not meet my goals today

| Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Class at 7:30am. Snagged some free tea. Went to math at what I thought was 1pm, but it was 11am, and the same teacher was teaching a math class in the same classroom returning tests from the same day that my math class took a test on. I thought he'd lost my test. I was fooled until a while after I returned to my room, when someone told me to look at the clock. Felt dumb, but hey, more time to work on an assignment due at 5.

When I went to my actual math class, it took a whole hour, not the 15 minutes I thought it would take since it was just a test returning day (the class I mistakenly went to was like that). I had to go to a work meeting at 2:30, which fortunately didn't take long. I went to the library and got to work. I felt like a good student.

But I wasn't working quite fast enough. I polished my assignment at 4:59pm but I didn't give up; I saved it, and uploaded it so I could print from a library computer. The computer took about 4 minutes to log in. I anxiously looked back and forth from the clock to the computer, and greeted Officer Miller as he came by. He observed that the computer wasn't doing anything, and walked away chuckling. I chuckled and covered my face and breathed deeply, peeking through my fingers until it finished setting up Outlook Express configurations and loaded my desktop. Fuck library computers. It took another minute for Firefox to open. Whatever. It was 10 past the hour... I started to lose hope. I printed the document, and the printer made a sound, but nothing happened. I gave it a minute. Nothing. I tried another printer; same thing. Fuck library printers. I gave up. Fine. Can't be mad, it was still mostly my fault I didn't work as efficiently as I could've.

It felt so warm outside--it was a beautiful sunny day. Despite my frustration I planned forward: I had my car parked across the campus from the dorm due to construction in the parking lot, but I figured since I was halfway there, I could fetch my car and park it closer so I wouldn't have to walk as far for carpooling to Baskin Robbins at 7.

Jesus Christ it was a long walk.

It was long and I was tired and my laptop and textbook were heavy.

I got to the car and realized I didn't have my keys.


I made it a few yards back towards the dorm across the vast field before I dropped to the grass, defeated.