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| Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have a headache. It's not so bad as long as I stay on the computer listening to nice mindfuck music like Justice and doing nothing of real importance. When I stand up, it's as if an invisible brat swings an intangible 10-lb sack of potatoes at my head. It's like a gnarly bass tone with a little jazz and some heavy reverb buzzing from synapse to synapse. I just have to wince and do whatever it is I need to do--go to the bathroom, or close the window. Each step is another kick to the head. (At least I can perform these actions. I know there are worse headaches.)

Last time I had a headache like this, I took two Tylenols that Chris helpfully provided, and it did ease the pain, wonderfully. I never bought any pain pills for myself because I'm usually reluctant to take them--don't want to become dependent. Am starting to think that it's worth the risk though. Next time I go shopping, I'm getting pills.

And extra pulpy orange juice. It's underrated.

I was checking my cPanel earlier and saw that someone on an iPhone downloaded Prodigy mp3s from my site.

Agent: Apple iPhone OS v2.2 CoreMedia v1.0.0.5G77
I'd never seen that before. I teehee'd.

Ubuntu froze on me earlier today. I was listening to mp3s on Rhythmbox, apt-getting wine, and writing a message on Myspace. I didn't know what to think.


| Saturday, February 21, 2009

1. I made this comment block maker in PHP.

Hell yes.
Because they're required in our C++ classes, and I hate writing those by hand. It seems like such a waste of time word wrapping everything manually, making sure that all the asterisks are lined up, and if you want to edit the description later, then you'll have to edit every single line following the edit to make it look good. But now I can just use my tool! And everyone else can, too!

2. I fixed the middle shower in my hall.

All the showers here have their own characteristics. The one farthest from the door is generally the best, and you'd use the other stalls only when it was taken. The one closest to the door would only get used during the morning rush--that one was just cold. The middle one was alright, but it was just too... zealous? When you first turned it on, it would shoot water so forcefully and so outwardly that it would push the shower curtain out and make a wet mess outside (fortunately, there's a drain there). The curtain would stay shut once it got wet enough to stick to the tile, but the stream still seemed too forceful and steamy rather than showery, which is weird. Today I actually paid attention, and got an idea. The shower head was exactly like the one in the next shower, and they were going off the same pipe which would offer the same water pressure, right? Obviously! I examined the shower head, and indeed there were some blocked holes. I brushed off whatever seemed to be covering them, and it immediately calmed down and showered like the good shower.

Felt good.

Still left to do:

1. Homework
(a) C++ Chapter 10 (late)
(b) Humanities essay questions (late)
(c) Paper for Writing 122 (late)
(d) Game Maker Project Proposal for 104 (late)
(e) 10 Annotated Bibliographies for Writing 122

2. Clean my room

3. Write some more PHP scripts

4. Apologize


More doodles from the classroom

| Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm especially productive during Writing 122 this term.

Like below, I practiced drawing sideways.


That one I drew last term, near the end, probably during Digital Logic... I'm fond of the wrinkles in the shirt, I'm usually pretty crappy at that. I had no idea how the legs should should have gone though, I just don't know how to draw the lower half of the body yet. That's why I wish I could take a figure drawing class so I can get lots of practice. :( Too bad there's none at OIT. There's only one drawing class. Maybe it'll fit my schedule next term.

And then C++, relaxitating before a quiz. Didn't feel like cramming. There were too many doodles in my pencil.

This is my </3 song

| Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cut Copy - "Hearts on Fire"
Genre: Electropop



But it's such an addicting song.

I finally bought Tag&Rename

| Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a program for Windows that tags & renames audio files.

I can be kind of anal about the way I organize my music, but I especially cannot stand it when my mp3 files have retarded naming conventions. It happens often because I torrent music constantly. Just look at these:

Messy, no?
Below is something I see more often, and it's even worse.

Although this naming scheme isn't that bad, I usually view my music files in the "Details" view in Explorer, and it's just not acceptable.

Do you busy yourself with that?
--Edgar, from King Lear by Shakespeare

Yes, yes I do, Edgar.

Below is my preferred structure for my music collection.

Genre, Artist, [year] Album (encoding or bitrate), Track# Title.mp3
Quality, am I right?

So I was using Tag&Rename a lot.

I'd been thinking about buying the program off and on for the past few months. I only had the trial version. I had tried more than one crack for it, but for some reason I could never follow the directions right, and I was stuck with having to reinstall every month after the 30 day trial ran out.

Until that stopped working too.

It was 4 in the morning, I had a few assignments due soon, and it had been a while since I had updated my music collection with my new downloads. It was past the 30 month trial for the nth time, and I'd carefully uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled like I always did, but they must have fixed it because when I opened the program it showed me the nag screen at day 31 of my 30 days. If I had been a 1337 H4CK3R I would have found wherever they kept that info and modified it to my advantage (or have figured out the cracks in the first place). But alas.

I paced around, figuratively, going from Tag&Rename's site to various torrent sites to the program files folder to the Tag&Rename site again. $30. It wasn't that bad, and I would have it for a lifetime...

But there are open source options too. Like Ex Falso. That's what I used on Linux back when I had all my music on the other computer. After a few Google searches, I found that there were actually no open source tag/renamers for Windows.

Screw it. I went back to Tag&Rename's site and clicked through to the PayPal form. $30 wasn't too bad. Unfortunately there was some sort of fee for a service I didn't care to have but couldn't uncheck from the order form, and another fee for the PayPal service, so it came out to $40 or so in the end... ugh. Whatever. I had waited too long for this, I was just going to get it over with no matter what extra shit came up.

Did I really want to support a non-open source company though? This flickered into my mind as my cursor hovered ominously over the PayPal confirmation button. If only Tag&Rename was open source... contributing knowledge (in the form of code) for the good of mankind... but they were not. The purpose of this company was for profit, and I was supporting their very cause by buying their program. Did I really want to do this?

I shook my head. I had aspired to become an open source programmer when I was younger and first learned what it was. But how reliable is it for making a living? I have no doubt I will program for fun here and there when I have a real job "developing software" somewhere with a "development team", but indeed, that real job is how I would be making my $$. I would love to work on something like Tag&Rename; a quality piece of software it is. Popularly cracked. I wondered how much money they were making.

I can be a real hypocrite. Sometimes I just don't know what I mean. Sometimes it's just simpler to click the confirmation button than to make a giant diagram of my reasoning at 4am before several large assignments are due in hours' time. I don't like spending money, and I like the idea of open source, but sometimes other things just work better. And my mp3 files still looked retarded.

In a few short minutes, I had a serial.

So. ;D Anyone want to split the cost?
jk, jk.