| Saturday, September 19, 2009

It'd be some sort of infinitely huge building with a billion lounges/soundproofed rooms, and you can plop down on a cushy chair and access any music you want to. You can say the name of an artist or a name of an album or just a genre, and a sexy robot will bring you a tray of albums. If you wanted to though, you can look at the Top 10 charts posted on the walls, or look through the lovingly arranged scrapbooks placed on bookshelves around the room.

Of course you might see people in the same room, even looking at the same things you are, but everyone would politely and quietly share--you are all there for the same reason: music. You see people writing comments on a post-it on an album. You see people listening carefully to music through high end headphones to confirm the quality. You see people opening their backpacks or duffel bags of CDs and vinyls and registering them with the robot.

But if you want to socialize with these other people, then the giant dining hall/courtyard is the place to go. There are clubs, discussion tables, and help desks. Some people even settle down and play music for passerby. This is also where bulletin boards are placed for people to post want ads for albums.

This massive, bustling community--any old outsider can't see it. There's some sort of entrance, maybe, but the rest is a mirage.