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| Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's nice that and actually load something now. I don't pay $38/year for a "could not connect to host" error. :b

I bought hosting for today, at 1 year, $40. And for the gigs and gigs of space and bandwidth they offer, that there is really, really reasonable. (Edit: to be exact, 300GB of space and 3TB/mo of bandwidth.) Getting hosted was really straightforward too. No problems at all. Plus everything loads lightning-fast. So far I'm pretty happy with them.

I considered making another order to get my old blog host thing back up on, but eh... my stuff kind of sucks. I might do that later, when I'm feeling more confident about sprucing it up, but for now I decided to take advantage of this service on Blogger, just so isn't just leading nowhere.

Hmm. I need to change the look of this page. It's nice but it's not really me.