It's true.

| Saturday, October 11, 2008

I guess I just feel lost without some form of journal. Why not just pick up one of my many notebooks and start writing in there, you ask? Because I've become too lazy to hunt for irl objects just to get my thoughts down. I type faster than I write, now, too. I'm usually always in the vicinity of a laptop. So why not write in Notepad and save into a folder for journals, and keep my boring thoughts to myself? Convenience in the future. If someone IMs me and is like, "Heeey, long time no talk! How've you been?" I can just type out my blog URL to them and BAM, they have months' worth of blag to answer that question. Then to be polite I could follow up with a few lines of how I've been doing that particular day, and then copy and paste that conversation in a new blog to archive my efforts.

Efficiency. That's why.

Joking aside, yeah... I just like having a fresh blog like this. I like this site. It's very easy to use, it's attractive... hopefully this fresh online environment will inspire me to write more, which is something I need, personally. For example, I have to write a two-page essay by Monday, but if I am writing in here, it at least makes me feel less anxious because hey! I'm writing something.