Feels Right

| Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just got caught up in another internet find: a fairly small collection of vignettes called For Some Reason it Never Feels Right. It is a first person narration of various events or thoughts from her life. I first found it months ago through Reddit as somehow, one of the vignettes had been upvoted enough for me to see it. It was the title vignette. It starts right off with its introductory statement: "In high school, I was sexually desperate." I read on and was captivated by how bizarre and embarrassingly blunt this short story was. I giggled and sadfaced and was taken aback but completely related, sometimes. I must've read it about 4 times total, through bookmarking and forgetting about it multiple times. It was only today that I found the rest of the series, and when I did, I read them all. I wish there were more.

Usually I satisfy these cravings for quirky stories of depressed people by reading my old favorite, You Don't Know Me by David Klass, but I had lent it to so many people that somewhere in the exchange it got lost. I used to read that thing at least once a year when things got stressful. So depressing but so charmingly funny. It always fit me into a good niche and gave me a strange sort of hope.

Now that I'm on the internet more often than not, and reading blogs certainly more often than reading books, For Some Reason it Never Feels Right was a welcome break from the rest of the silliness of the internet and everyday life (both of which I love, but anything can use a break). I just wanted to share.