Perspective on Obama

| Saturday, November 8, 2008

A bit late to post but here it be. Taken from a bulletin on Myspace by a venerable gentleman named Johnny:

So, I was at this cafe in ptown last night called Backspace, and they had changed the place around so much it began to creep me out.
Now I'm convinced Barack shouldn't be president.
They had changed the name to Barackspace.
There were pictures, both printed and hand drawn, all over.
There were homemade art pieces centered around him.
Driving around, I'm seeing "Obama means Hope" and "Obama for Change" stickers and fliers everywhere, all of them with his face.

It brings to mind one other political figure in the past that promise hope and change, who came to power and, at first, was loved by his people.


Came to power during, and because of, an economic recession, promised to rise the country from it's ashes on the heels of a 'terrorist attack' (Reichstag fire), and during his reign, his face was EVERYWHERE.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying, "GO McCAIN!"
I'm saying I'm getting a bad feeling.
A very bad feeling.