My digital logic class

| Monday, October 13, 2008

It's fun, I guess. We learn binary and hex and how to add and subtract and stuff, and how it does negative numbers.

The bad thing is it's at 2pm and that's the sleepy time of the day. I have to distract myself awake by drawing, even though I feel like a dork for drawing during lectures.

My mind's been in a weird funk all day. When I came back from Digital logic, I got into bed and stared at the wall for a few minutes with my mind in overdrive. I fell asleep eventually though, and it was very nice. I remember waking up a little during my nap and thinking "This is great, I'm sleeping. I love it."

I dream every night. Either I need to write more, or I need to draw more. I googled a bunch of Matisse and Picasso images earlier today and put them in my "Art I like" folder, which my screensaver cycles through. I like having an auto-gallery after being idle on the computer for 5 minutes. It makes me not want to disturb it, which can be a good thing.