Nautilis for the nerves

| Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yup. Sometimes you need something a little less human, a little less pop, a little less happy-go-lucky, to calm you. It's like giving an ADD kid stimulants, I guess.


Got back to the dorm yesterday; new term starts tomorrow. I guess today is trying to be the paste between two very different modes of functionality, from doing absolutely nothing useful over winter break to revving up a term with one of the hardest classes of my major and trying to forget (but not replicate) how bad I did last term. Obviously, today wasn't long enough, but everyone's in the same boat and it really shouldn't be that bad.

I forced myself to resolve my class schedule after I got up. Part of the reason I was dreading going back to college was, I had no idea what classes I was taking exactly, and nobody likes making hard possibly regrettable decisions. I went to the bookstore to find out what books would be needed, and after seeing the book for Graphic Design which would have explained how to use Adobe Creative Suite CS2, I changed my mind and decided to take Anthropology instead of that. I ordered my textbooks online ($190 bookstore vs. $105 online? dur) and was done with that.

Jeff took me shopping. Along with the very large batch of rice I made today, I have plenty of good food for the next few days. I am going to try harder this term to feed myself, and make good and healthy food even if I feel busy and stressed and not hungry. Cooking can be therapeutic anyway. Hopefully that doesn't lead to waste. I'll probably still slack majorly on cleaning dishes though. Eh.

Then the laundry. By then I really started to feel not-so-good about school tomorrow. Though my first class starts at 10, I need to wake up before 7am for work (or at least to see if I can start work again this term, but I'd be surprised if I don't start tomorrow morning). I love what work does for me, both in attitude and income, but the 7am thing can really kill my spirit sometimes. Naps are okay, but I do need to go to bed earlier to get 8+ consecutive hours of sleep during the night... That means I should go to bed half an hour ago. Before 11pm. That'll be hard.

While running the laundry I put on some Nautilis for my nerves and started to get my binder ready for tomorrow. Clearing out all my old notes, and putting them into appropriate portfolios. Carefully jotted notes from math; doodles from assembly; tests, both great and awful, from each of my classes. I need more portfolios to store the rest of my classes. Hopefully I can snag more from the tech writing teachers soon (apparently they do not keep them!) Anyway, moving out these papers helped me move on from last term a little bit. It's all grouped with the stuff from last term now. Out of sight, out of mind? Not totally gone, but I've readied myself as much as I can to start anew. Today is the paste.

Now to fetch my dry laundry and stock this binder with fresh paper.