| Sunday, October 12, 2008

Augh. I feel blah. For some reason I feel really drowsy and headachey. I got some progress on the sociology busywork extra credit, like, I'm almost done, which is nice. I'm using Office 07 for the second time in my life and I'm definitely not used to it yet. Every time I want to do something like change the font or line spacing I'm like ZOMG WHAR IT GO because everything is so different. For some reason my documents look nicer though. Yay for newer software that makes everything look prettier.

Everyone's kind of homesick. Am I homesick? I don't know. Sure. A little. I miss seeing friends. I miss getting hugs. I miss driving. I miss bugging my dad with random questions, and my mom's delicious well-rounded home cooked meals. Obviously, I miss seeing m'boy, too, muchly. I feel distant, but is it that persisting connection to those things I love what's keeping me going? I mean, it's not that bad here, other than it being pretty boring and the ridiculously cold weather, it is what's to be expected. I don't particularly love anything here. I'd be happier if I did. In theory, all I need to do is let myself.

Empty thoughts, empty words? That's why I have trouble writing serious essays. Of course these blogs count for nothing. He says rhetoric is basically a bunch of empty BS that sounds good. I could be good at it. I need to care less. Music is distracting. I can't write when it's on. It's dead quiet here. I feel really restless.