Advocating Tobacco

| Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You don't need long, intricate lyrics to make a touching song.

You and me melt away
Forever holding hands

Sunbeams all round us now
Sunbeams all

Hold my hand
Be with me
Hold my hand
Melt with me

I wouldn't even call "Gross Magik" the best song on this album, although so far all the songs sound similar (which is not a bad thing, since their tunes and sounds generally all kick butt). For example, "Dirt" featuring Aesop Rock is what got my attention in the first place when some random forum post linked to it.

I don't even know why I started this post by pointing out their lyrics. Since we're talking music now, not me and my emotional life, it's almost totally irrelevant since most of their music is instrumental and tune/beat/sound-centric, and you can barely make out what they say anyway. I almost want to compare this sound to Boards of Canada. It's got that electronic yet lo-fi, warm, and nostalgic sound, with a beat you can readily chill to. But this is more upbeat and involved and "hip". I put it in my Alternative Rock folder since it fits in with others there like MGMT, Why?, and Mr. Meeble though it's (they're?) not Alternative Rock at all. Yeah, my system is flawed, whatever.

More importantly, how did I not find out about Tobacco earlier?! I like this. These all came out in 2008, from their debut album Fucked Up Friends. I'm listening through for the first time right now. Favorites so far are probably "Side 8 (Big Gums Version)", "Dirt", and "Tape Eater". You can find these all on the jew tubes.

They already came out with their second full album this year called Maniac Meat, and it's got a song on it that features Beck. Yum! I can't wait to listen to it after I cozy myself into Fucked Up Friends some more.