Doom, gloom, and my nice room

| Monday, October 26, 2009

My dreams have been getting a little more violent, a little more disturbing than I'd really like to explain, but it kind of made sense after getting back my Assembly test today. As soon as I saw it I slipped it onto my laptop keyboard and closed the lid. My laptop: a fancy folder for things of shame. While he went through each question of the test on the projector, I sang pretty songs to myself in my head and played movies overlaying the scrolling gibberish code on the projector screen. Movies of people riding roller coasters, raising their arms, squinting, laughing, hair flapping in their faces. Some of them fell into giant meat grinders. I tried to keep them on for the most part.

I have a job now, and even though it starts at 7am, I like it well enough. The tasks are simple and not unpleasant, and I enjoy the stillness of the early morning. I worked alone, which I'm also fairly used to.

Things are really coming down now, though. The tests were last week, but I'm buried under labs and miscellaneous homework now. And I don't know what to eat. I had a Pepsi for lunch, and to be honest, I think that did more for me than a full lunch could've done at that point. Not that I have the food now to make a full lunch. Remaining quart of milk goes bad, and boom, suddenly I have nothing to eat--or at least I have no creative ideas at the moment.

On the bright side, my room is nice. Over the weekend I cleaned up the place. I vaccuumed, turned off the heater, and aired it out completely. I played LCD Soundsystem and Kraftwerk while I krafted hooks out of paperclips (mmm, using wire cutters and pliers makes me feel manly) and hung scarves from the walls. My room was transformed from a depressingly blank muggy and yeasty bedroom cell to an open, airy, colorful and comfortable living space. I left my door open while I was polishing my work, and some neighbors actually walked in and stayed to chat a bit. They were not software majors. I'll have to take a little effort to keep it this nice. I should leave my door open more often, too.

Another 5-hour night of sleep, then labs labs labs.


Thomas said...

There are several that troll and can answer cset questions. Or if you want help in person, let me know.

Not that I think you should change majors, but you sound like a cross between my 2nd grade teacher and my middle school science teacher.

ND said...

Hmm, I see it's a new forum. I hope it takes off. My IRC idea last year didn't work out so well, haha. Thanks for the offer--I would probably benefit from a run through on Assembly, but more than that I need to make an effort to practice.

I'm tempted to say "What's that supposed to mean?" but it really makes sense, because I come from a family of teachers and I remind myself of a schoolteacher more often than I'd like. My passion is in software and the internet, but I probably won't escape my fate.

Thomas said...

Passion is good.

w said...

oy oy

you know. i was looking for Boards of Canada - Closes vol 1 (flac) and i found your Taringa page. random.

then i looked up your link... and i find you blogroll linked to ISO50. i am also a fan/reader of that blog. excellent stuff from this guy, and we live in the same city. he really has a following huh.

its ok to have the dreams. i know when i was studying for engineering (mechanical), i would always drift off into more.. fantasy/imagination. it just happened. you know that's just your mind being stimulated - brain is happy.

but you just have to control it. yes practice always makes you better.

ugh i know what you mean by folder of shame. i am still learning that throwing things away and never looking at them again is just like running away. you end up owe-ing yourself if you don't correct mistakes and get better.

anyway. nice to see there's a person behind the music collection :/

ND said...

Oh, hey W! Sorry there's not much else up in the music folder--I had way more but then it mysteriously got deleted, and I didn't want to push it in case my host had deleted it for too much bandwidth leeching. BTW, nobody has the flac of that album... yet. I think the .zip I've got is even a fake, though I still enjoy it.

Makes sense that someone looking for Boards of Canada is a fan of ISO50 :) I used to go there a lot more, but I love the music and graphics there so much. It really gave me a new perspective. A lot of what I know about graphics comes from there.

Good advice, man... I ran away from that test, but I later regretted not talking to the teacher about it. Apparently I could have gotten a good number of points back if I had.