Headachio / iPhone Visitor / Frozubuntu

| Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have a headache. It's not so bad as long as I stay on the computer listening to nice mindfuck music like Justice and doing nothing of real importance. When I stand up, it's as if an invisible brat swings an intangible 10-lb sack of potatoes at my head. It's like a gnarly bass tone with a little jazz and some heavy reverb buzzing from synapse to synapse. I just have to wince and do whatever it is I need to do--go to the bathroom, or close the window. Each step is another kick to the head. (At least I can perform these actions. I know there are worse headaches.)

Last time I had a headache like this, I took two Tylenols that Chris helpfully provided, and it did ease the pain, wonderfully. I never bought any pain pills for myself because I'm usually reluctant to take them--don't want to become dependent. Am starting to think that it's worth the risk though. Next time I go shopping, I'm getting pills.

And extra pulpy orange juice. It's underrated.

I was checking my cPanel earlier and saw that someone on an iPhone downloaded Prodigy mp3s from my site.

Agent: Apple iPhone OS v2.2 CoreMedia v1.0.0.5G77
I'd never seen that before. I teehee'd.

Ubuntu froze on me earlier today. I was listening to mp3s on Rhythmbox, apt-getting wine, and writing a message on Myspace. I didn't know what to think.