| Saturday, February 21, 2009

1. I made this comment block maker in PHP.
Hell yes.
Because they're required in our C++ classes, and I hate writing those by hand. It seems like such a waste of time word wrapping everything manually, making sure that all the asterisks are lined up, and if you want to edit the description later, then you'll have to edit every single line following the edit to make it look good. But now I can just use my tool! And everyone else can, too!

2. I fixed the middle shower in my hall.

All the showers here have their own characteristics. The one farthest from the door is generally the best, and you'd use the other stalls only when it was taken. The one closest to the door would only get used during the morning rush--that one was just cold. The middle one was alright, but it was just too... zealous? When you first turned it on, it would shoot water so forcefully and so outwardly that it would push the shower curtain out and make a wet mess outside (fortunately, there's a drain there). The curtain would stay shut once it got wet enough to stick to the tile, but the stream still seemed too forceful and steamy rather than showery, which is weird. Today I actually paid attention, and got an idea. The shower head was exactly like the one in the next shower, and they were going off the same pipe which would offer the same water pressure, right? Obviously! I examined the shower head, and indeed there were some blocked holes. I brushed off whatever seemed to be covering them, and it immediately calmed down and showered like the good shower.

Felt good.

Still left to do:

1. Homework
(a) C++ Chapter 10 (late)
(b) Humanities essay questions (late)
(c) Paper for Writing 122 (late)
(d) Game Maker Project Proposal for 104 (late)
(e) 10 Annotated Bibliographies for Writing 122

2. Clean my room

3. Write some more PHP scripts

4. Apologize



Anonymous said...

hey, great stuff in your music/Braindance dir! i hope you'll excuse the wget.. thx :)

also, you might want to check out jed / jedit for a source editor - it can do the asterisk thingy for comments all by itself :) good luck with your studies! bye

ND said...

Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed the music! wgets are fine, I still have 200GB of bandwidth left for this month ;)

Never heard of jed--I will try it out.