In Celebration

| Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I changed the layout of my blog so that the content has more than 400px of width to squeeze into. In celebration of this, I will clog up visitors' bandwidth by posting a selected handful of photographs. They are all wider than 400px. This is also a celebration of June, I guess, because these are all photos I've taken in the first half of the year 2009.

Not in any particular order.

Thank you.

Feel free to save/repost as you wish, though I'd appreciate a link; all people depicted in these photographs belong to their respective selves, etc etc.


Jeff said...

I want to meet that pigeon whenever I go up to Portland next.

Or wherever that picture was taken.

I guess the pigeon could fly down to me. That'd be easier.

Overmind said...


I didn't know McDonald's delivered.
(picture #6)

Anonymous said...

The second and tenth one were really well framed.

drFurly said...

<3 pho hung's

ND said...

Haha, yeah that car does look McDonalds themed. It also looks completely, unabashedly, no-sugarcoating boldly Chinese. Or Vietnamese, I guess, seeing as it's a Vietnamese store/restaurant. They both have red/yellow flags... in any case it's the loudest car I've seen in this little town so far and it shook me.

Thanks Anonymous :) That 10th one's probably my favorite. I wasn't really thinking about framing with most of these pictures, since I've just got a point and shoot brick of a camera, but I enjoy observing design/flow/etc; flattered you saw it in my photos!

Didn't I see you there Furly, that one time? That was my first time there. Man, the mild was hot.

That pigeon is a /rebel.

drFurly said...

haha, yea i remember seeing you there. we shared an awkward glance through fake trees i think. :3

that was really your first time there?? holy cow, that was at the very end of the year, i don't think i could've lived in kfalls without pho hung's all year.

and yes, the mild is very hot. me and josh delamater got medium-hot spiciness one time (i think we dared each other or something) and could only eat like a fourth of our meals. my stomach was on fire by the end.